6 Signals You Are in Need of a Water Heater Overhaul in Kansas City

Your water heater is one of the principal machines in your residence. But you possibly don’t think about to what extent your schedule depends on this piece of equipment until you need water heater repair in Kansas City.

Enjoying a steamy experience, operating your dishwasher and washing clothes are just a few cases of the home luxuries that demand hot water.

You probably will not realize your water heater is failing until you experience cold water running out of your showerhead. If you’re aware of these hints, you won’t miss a chance for relaxing showers.

If you notice these six signs, it’s time to call the Experts at 816-787-0500.

1. Rusty Water

If your water appears rusty, there is a reasonable chance that your water heater is deteriorating. This can lead to dirty water and loss of water.

2. Strange Sounds

A small amount of hums are expected. If you hear audible rattling racket coming from your water heater, it may be an indication there is a problem.

If residue has built up inside, your water heater may be less efficient. This could result in higher energy costs and possible harm to your water heater.

3. Water Heater Dripping Water

A leak is the primary cause of a failing water heater. If you happen to see water close to your equipment, you’re probably dealing with a leak and could bring about considerable water damage to your home.

4. Insufficient Hot Water

Getting no hot water at all is clear evidence of a problem. But fluctuating water temperature is often disregarded as a problem. This may mean mineral deposits have formed and your element has to be corrected or changed.

If you’re getting none or minimal hot water, there could be a problem with the pilot light. If you’re not confident how to service the pilot light, contact our technicians at 816-787-0500 in Kansas City. While some owners can relight the pilot light themselves, it can be unsafe if you’re apprehensive of how to light it.

If you detect gas, don’t attempt to light the water heater. Get a hold of your local gas company as soon as possible.

5. Water Heater Age

The usual life span of a home water heater with appropriate maintenance is 10–12 years. Although your water heater isn’t having problems, it could be at a higher threat of a damaging leak.

If you’re unclear of your water heater’s age, inspect the sticker on the unit. This indicates the manufacturing date and serial number.

6. Strange Taste

If your water tastes of metal, your water pipes could be corroded. If both hot and cold water is dirty, the damage is more than likely located in your water pipes.

If only the hot water is dirty, there’s a great chance the concern is inside your water heater.

You may also get foul-smelling water, which is likely due to mineral deposits. Regular service will help keep them from building up and damaging the inside of your water heater.

Tank vs. Tankless: What Water Heater is Ideal One for You?

When you conclude it is time to upgrade, the issue becomes tank vs. tankless. Here are some thoughts about the advantages of tankless water heaters:

  • Tax refund —Although the original cost is usually more expensive, certified tankless water heaters come with a federal tax rebate of about $300.
  • Limitless hot water—Tankless water heaters deliver hot water that under no circumstances ends.
  • Life Cycle—Tankless water heaters often outlast tank models by 5¬–10 years.
  • Economical —Tankless water heaters only heat up the water you access. This can save you up to 20% on your water heating expenses. They also use less area since they can be installed on walls, under cabinets or in closets.
  • Escape Water Damage—When there’s no tank to burst, there’s no plumbing. Although a leak can take place with any equipment, tankless water heaters won’t flood or cause loss the way 40 gallons of water will.
  • Cleaner water—Tankless water heaters don’t gather water. That way, you regularly have untainted water that isn’t rusty or dirty.

Neal Harris Service Experts is Here for All of Your Plumbing Concerns

Neal Harris Service Experts’s plumbing Experts in Kansas City can aid in fixing leaks, installing low-flow equipment and presenting cost-saving improvements.

If it isn’t cost-effective to have a overhaul done, we can propose a brand new water heater to meet your household needs and budget.

Call us at 816-787-0500 or contact us online to request a consultation as soon as possible.

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