Family Receives Free Furnace from Lennox & Neal Harris Service Experts

October 24, 2014

Something quite extraordinary happened last week we thought we'd let you know about. Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning's London, Ontario branch, Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts, has extended a warm “hug” to a local family with a chronically ill daughter. The company, part of the London community since 1927, organized a donation of almost $7,000 worth of home comfort equipment and services, as part of their HUGS program. The HUGS program is designed to help deserving people throughout the community be more comfortable in their homes.

It all started when Audrey Winter, a Service Experts Residential Sales Consultant, visited the Kalybabas family after they called the company about quoting and new furnace. Audrey learned during the visit that the couple’s two-and-a-half year-old daughter, Natilia, suffers from cerebral palsy. Larry and Yvonne Kalybabas, also parents to a four-year-old little boy, faced the cost of renovating their home to make it wheelchair accessible, but when mapping out the remodeling at the same time, they realized their 15-year-old furnace was not heating the home properly and would need to be replaced.

“The family didn’t ask for a single discount, or any special consideration,” said Peter Inch, General Manager of Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts. “Instead, Audrey came to me and asked if we could give them the furnace at a reduced price. I suggested she ask Lennox to donate the furnace at no charge – and within 24 hours, they said they would give us a brand new high efficiency furnace for free.”

Audrey and the Service Experts team then ran with the “ball.” Service Experts also donated a humidifier and a high efficiency air filtering system with the maximum rating (MERV 16), which removes indoor air contaminants such as allergens, bacteria and viruses, ensuring a better environment for Natilia. Speaking with AM980, Yvonne says she was overwhelmed.

"She came into the house, and she was kind of like, 'Ok, we've got a quote put together for you' and she walked over, reached into her bag, and as she reached into her bag, she said, 'I've never given anyone a quote like this before' and she turned the paper over and it was all zeros," she said.

Without the amazing gift, Yvonne believes the renovations wouldn't have been possible. "There were other things that needed to be done around the house, and she knew that with $15,000 we weren't going to be able to get it all done. So when I saw those zeros, it was probably the best news we've had since Natilia has come along, our daughter," she said.

On Friday, March 15, Service Experts technicians installed the new furnace, air filter and humidifier at no charge, reconfigured the necessary ductwork and provided all parts and materials, warranties and ongoing maintenance. A partner company, Northern Interiors, will remove asbestos from the home at no charge.

“It has always been part of our business to give back to the community when we can, and the enthusiasm that Audrey and the team have demonstrated for this project remind me what great employees we have” said Inch. “In the past, we’ve donated equipment and installation, including furnaces, A/C systems and water heaters to local charities and families in need, but we also try to support our local sports teams and awarding two college scholarships annually.”

Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts, located at 3500 White Oak Road, Unit B1, London, has 30 employees. The company is in its 85th year of operation and the third-generation of the family remains actively involved. Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts also hosts a local radio show every Monday on News Talk 1290 CJBK-AM where their experts give advice to callers.

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