What’s an AC Emergency?

Temperatures are rising. You’ve most likely already turned on your air conditioning system to make sure the system is functioning perfectly. But what happens if it’s not? It’s hot, your air conditioning system is not cooling, and you want to contact someone but it’s after 8 p.m. and you aren’t confident this is considered an AC emergency that that is going to cost more. You have probably heard that Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning is available around the clock for emergency air conditioner repair, but what is actually considered a 24 hour AC repair emergency? And how much extra does it cost? 

Keep in mind, you can always call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning, no matter what time, every day of the year. Our customer service team is available live, 24/7 to help decide if someone needs to come to your home right away or if it’s something that can wait until morning. 

When trying to decide the severity by yourself, here are a few matters where you should go ahead and call an expert.  

Squeeling Sounds

There are a few reasons that your air conditioning equipment might be making unusual, shrieking noises. One common issue could be that the fan belt became loose. Regular maintenance can help avoid this problem, but sometimes there’s an emergency and you need to call for an AC repair appointment. Another reason your air conditioner could be making a loud, shrieking noise is that the compressor is working at a high level of pressure, which can be dangerous. If a noise seems excessive, shut down your AC system immediately and call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning for an emergency AC repair appointment. 

Unusual Smells

A burning smell coming from your air conditioner is generally a symptom of an electrical issue or a part has become so overheated that it’s seriously burning. If your A/C smells like it’s burning, that is certainly an emergency AC repair. Call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning as soon as possible for 24 hour AC repair. 

No Air Flow

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be running at all, or you can’t feel any air flowing, this could be a symptom that the cooling system has failed. The culprit could be a poorly calibrated thermostat, a complication with the blower, or your air conditioning unit could have finally bit the dust. If the system isn’t providing air flow, or the air that’s blowing is not cool, go ahead and call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning, particularly if there are extreme temperatures, so we can get a technician out to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Not having cool air in severe weather absolutely constitutes a 24 hour AC repair. 

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