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It’s pretty easy to ignore a blocked drain and go about your normal routine. After all, it’s just a small problem, right? It may seem insignificant in the beginning, but a slow drain can create serious—more expensive—problems. The root of your slow drain could be a clog, or grease buildup that’s narrowing your pipes, or several other common problems. Neal Harris Service Experts can help you discover the root of your obstruction and get it fixed before you end up with leaking—or worse, broken—pipes and a water-damaged living space.

Video Inspection

We’ll use a high-tech video drain inspector that can help us see what’s going on in your pipes. Our video scopes make it easy to find the source of any plumbing issues you’re having, know where they are and identify the best process to fix the situation. Plus, the high-definition capabilities allow us to gain the best look at the inside of your pipes to know if there are any issues that need to be addressed that usually may not have shown themselves.

Clog Prevention

Clogs can manifest themselves in an individual fixture having issues with backing up or draining slowly, or you may find that you have several fixtures backing up—which typically indicates you have a clog in your main drain system - common issue in Kansas City. Here are some things you can do to prevent clogs from developing.
  • Clean drain stoppers and purchase a hair-straining drain trap.
  • Don’t flush things that do not dissolve or break apart in water, such as feminine products or baby wipes.
  • Don’t dump grease or oil down your drains.
  • Be sure your plumbing vent pipe on your roof stays free of obstructions.
Despite the best preventive measures, you may end up with a clog in your plumbing system and find yourself in need of a drain cleaning. You can rest peacefully anyway, because Neal Harris Service Experts has the knowledge and the tools needed to remove any sort of clog that’s causing plumbing problems in your home.

Bigger Problems—No Problem

Another sign that shouldn’t be ignored and indicates you may need a drain cleaning is a frequent or continuous sewer smell coming into your home. If a drain cleaning won’t correct the job, you may have a damaged sewer pipe. Either way, Neal Harris Service Experts will help you take care of the problem and eliminate that terrible odor.

Neal Harris Service Experts will have your drains working as they should in no time. From identifying and clearing clogs to cleaning greasy drains to identifying and repairing bigger, more serious issues, we’ve got you covered. Call Neal Harris Service Experts today at 816-787-0500 to get an expert drain cleaning for your home in the Kansas City locale. You can also use our online scheduler to arrange for an appointment. Go with the Experts!
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