Add a Whole-Home Water Filter for Better Tasting, Healthier Tap Water in Kansas City

Drinking water can normally be expected to have traces of contaminants, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

More than four out of 10 Americans use some type of home water treatment unit, according to the Water Quality Association. Some treat their water to improve taste, while others do it due to health concerns.

A whole-home water filter from Neal Harris Service Experts can do both, providing fresh water for everything from drinking to cleaning to washing clothes.

Not only is this filter important for better-tasting, odorless water, it’s vital for your family’s well-being.

Know What’s in Your Drinking Water

A whole-home water filter takes away chemicals you drink or that your skin absorbs.

It pulls out:

  • Heavy metals
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Trihalomethanes, many of which are believed to be cancer-causing

Water quality changes by location and is changed by the processing your water undergoes. It’s also influenced by construction, mining and agriculture, as well as mineral deposits groundwater travels through.

You can find out which contaminants are in your Kansas City home’s drinking water by looking through the Environmental Working Group’s database. About 81 percent of community utility supplies have tested positive for chemicals associated with to cancer, database records show.

Find the Right System for Your Home with Neal Harris Service Experts

Neal Harris Service Experts provides several water filtration systems—carbon, reverse osmosis, magnetic and infrared—that absorb pollutants. The systems flow unpurified water through tools that remove toxins.

Installation is easy and can be completed alongside your other plumbing. We back our filtration systems with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,* so you know we are getting the job done right the first time.

We can help you choose a system that matches your needs and budget. Call us at 816-787-0500 or schedule an appointment today for a healthier home.

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