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"Tech was efficient went about his work with no delays. Answered my questions. Covered the inspection with me when he was finished. "
"The tech (Ludvicek) was professional and thorough in his job."
"I can always count on these inspections to be no hassle, and this time was no different. On time, courteous, complete."
"Justin was prompt and explained everything that was needed and what he would be doing. "
"he went above and beyond to make sure everything was fixed!!! even came back to make some adjustments! Truly a credit to the company!!"
"The technician was knowledgeable, personable and performed the service quickly and efficiently. "
"Able to schedule appointment right away. Technician knowledgeable and answered questions."
"The technician did a great job of explaining everything to me and made sure my Co2 detectors were good. I did not realize that they expire after a number of years."
"Technician was on time; friendly; neat; worked quickly; explained the home health report card"
"Timely, efficient service."
"Technician spent no more than 20 mins on my fall service. Didn’t check outside unit until I insisted. Didn’t go test multiple thermostats. Didn’t go between heating an..."
"The tech was polite, friendly and explained what he was doing in details. "
"Unable to finish cleaning outside unit due to bees."
"He came. He checked. He left. He was friendly."
"Polite and efficient service was provided. My only suggestion is to be sure to turn off all basement lights...was no big deal to do that later, though. Good service was ..."
"Job is incomplete! "
"Isaac was the best technician! Very patient and explanatory with all my questions. A pleasure to work with. I would hope he would be available on my next service needs..."
"he explained what he did,.also he explained the reason for it. Very thorough"
"Technician very helpful, clear in explanations of system status"
"Tech was very courteous, and explained exactly what he did"
"The technician was great. He got the job done in one day and by the time he left we had all our questions answered."
"you did some things really well, and some not so good. Really good was quick turnaround, and what appeared to be a good install. Nice young men who did the work. Later wh..."
"Tech left April Air logo lying beside furnace. I popped it back on. Turned April Air to winter setting although it's still summer and I'm running my AC every day."
"The technician was polite, professional and thorough."
"Timely, neat explained what he was doing. Very informative "
"Tech was pleasant, did his job adequately. "
"Very professional, checked all aspects of my furnace"
"Ron Vohs is a wonderful technician. He was able to discern the problem within 20 minutes, after 2 previous calls for the same problem."
"He took his time and I assume he did everything he was suppose to. Took longer than I thought but that was ok. "
"Expert tech "
"The tech was honest & thorough."
"Tech installed new battery, but the backup pump didn't work. He was supposed to call us..."
"He explained everything as he did it."
"On time."
"Carrington was on time, quickly diagnosed the problem, and quickly fixed the a/c. I ask for him every time I call since I know I can rely on him."
"The Tech didn't see the problem that we reported but did do what he thought would fix it reguardless, and told us what to do in the future the problem came again"
"The two men were courteous and spoke to me about anything that was a concern, making sure I understood what they were talking about."
"Tech left our heat on 85 when he left."
"Overall very good, but he left both the upstairs and downstairs thermostats on 60 degrees!! I'd prefer they be left the way they were when he came. "
"He had to think hard about what to do since my furnace is SO old and still in AMAZINGLY good condition."
"Very efficient and knowledgeable technician"
"Clayton was very knowledgeable. He explained everything in great detail. Need service again I would recommend having Clayton do the service for us. "
"Friendly technician who took time to explain outcome of service call"
"Very informative & positive appointment."
"The serviceman arrived on time. Completed tasks very professional. Very polite and very kind to explain to me each and everything that needed to be done. Extremely satisf..."
"Your awesome tech, Jeffrey, was advised by his office what the problem was but he stayed and figured it out himself. It was not what the office advised. By the way, it wa..."
"Tech tried to sell me two new furnaces saying present ones were worn out--pointing to white powdery substance in several places. I checked with an expert. **** is norma..."
"Very polite and had great suggestions"
"Great Service and Installation "
"Everything was fone as it should be"
"He did a good cleaning job and explained what he was doing with his tools."
"He explained everything he did."
"Service rep was very professional and very good about his work."
"Tech explained the problem and corrected it within 30 min."
"On time, fast service."
"Service was prompt, professional, and efficient. The plumbing repairs we needed were done right the first time."
"Knowledge / made quick work of the install / nice guys / clean sweep - new furnace is the only indication that they have been here / went above and beyond to replacing a..."
"The technician took the time to explain our heating/cooling system. He was also very thorough."
"Excellent service by the technician. Was clean and quick. Explained his actions and was polite and professional."
"Because of the Technician Steven Erving's service"
"On time and very informative"
"The Technician arrived on time, was extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He addressed the regular responsibilities and made valuable suggestions for impro..."
"Steve Erving did an outstanding job and way more than any other technician!!!! He went above and beyond the duty to provide an outstanding service! He was knowledgeable ..."
"Timely scheduling, arrival, and friendly, qualified technician"
"On time, explained everything being done completely."
"Great service"
"Prompt and courteous. Took care of my needs!"
"Technician was polite and efficient and informative."
"Our technician showed up in pretty good time, was professional, personable and ready to take care of the job."
"Problem solved."
"Courteous efficient technician"
"The technician, Corey, was outstanding. He arrived promptly, was incredibly polite and friendly, and went out of his way to be helpful. He delivered some of the best cu..."
"I know that there is something wrong when the first word that technician who supposed to diagnose what is wrong with my AC said to me "You should change the new AC unit. ..."
"He left the filter out and my family has been sneezing and coughing ever since. I didn't realize it until I replaced it today."
"Prompt, courteous, efficient, personable"
"The technician was prompt, courteous & he wore his booties!"
"I had a check up scheduled between 2 and 4 pm. I heard nothing. I called at 4 to find out why no one had contacted me. They had to look into it, call me back and finally ..."
"We recently had our Air Conditioner stop cooling. The service repair expert told me my filter was clogged with a white dust restricting air flow and that I needed a mor..."
"Our need was addressed promptly and several time concerning water in basement, fearing it was the water heater and ended up a plugged up drain. You worked very hard to fi..."
"Of course the A/C did not repeat sound so it was guess work for what was wrong. Not technician's fault just still unknown. "
"All installers were on time, courteous, and professional. Special care was made to insure our house stayed clean. All installers were focused, energetic and answered al..."
"Quick service, comprehensive summary."
"On time, worked quickly, informed me of the age of the furnace and A/C and time to possibly look at updating."
"I have always appreciated having my heating and cooling equipment maintained in such a professional manner."
"Prompt, knowledgeable, polite "
"I have had your service for almost 20 years and have never been disappointed. "
"prompt, personal ,and profecient"
"Very accommodating. "
"John was on time, thorough, and very polite."
"Your tech was helpful and thorough."
"Courteous, on time service"
"Prompt, friendly and extremely professional "
"Guy providing service was great. He called to get ma a quote on a new unit. I never got a quote."
"The Tech was prompt , professional and cleaned area very well. "
"Arrived on time. Courteous. Able to identify the problem quickly and get it resolved."
"They were on time and performed the work professionally and efficiently. I'd give them a 10 if they had used a drop-cloth to bring in the coil so I wouldn't have needed t..."
"on time (early) and got things done quickly"
"Our technician was the most efficient and helpful we have ever had."
"There was apparent confusion about whether the service call was for maintenance or service. I had called because our AC was not working. Since I have a service plan and h..."
"They were quick and explained eveything"
"Even though the technicians were presented with some problems they handled them with a calm and patient demeanor."
"Techs were professional and very focused on doing an excellent job."
"Derek was very professional and went beyond in helping us to get done what was needed."
"Your people always do a good job, Justin is very thrustworthy."
"Technician had a firm grasp of the situation. Rather than attempting repairs, he set it up for easy replacement through insurance. "
"Serviceman was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable"
"The scheduling is a bit off. The time before last the tech showed up on a day I want expecting. Most recently I called into scheduling to tell them I was going to be la..."
"The technition was excellent. He was doing what he was trained and asked to do. The issue was I had 0 Freon left in the system. It was determined that I needed the co..."
"We had to wait 6 days for our unit to be repaired!"
"I only want Andre Venerable as my technician. I tell the operator this with every phone call. Yet I get other technicians. If Andre is not available, then I will wait unt..."
"Technician was knowledgeable "
"Arrived early, pleasant and informative, thorough and fairly efficient. "
"Performed the checkup quickly."
"It took a week to get the part. When the tech was out the first night he pulled in front of our house and called on the phone and said he couldn't get out because of the..."
"Everything went ok"
"Out technician did a great job. Thorough and very courteous."
"Tech. Was knowledgeable and thorough."
"he really seemed to care"
"Came on time, did the work quickly."
"I was provided excellent customer service by my air-conditioning technician. He explained and showed me possible issue with my air-conditioner."
"I thought the Tec was very thorough."
"Two days before my wife passed and your guys handled all the repairs. Then contectef me for. Very helpful"
"He did a great job"
"Techs came quickly and quickly fixed the problem"
"Had to purchase a new water heater and the service done on the old one cost us over $200 and worked for a day. The offer made to take the money spent off of purchasing a..."
"He was fast, efficient and answered all of my questions."
"Staff was professional and courteous at all times"
"They did not clean up after themselves, Left a number of disconnected ducts, pipes and wires from the old system in place rather than removing. "
"RON DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB! He can come here anytime to work on my HVAC."
"I can't believe I just paid a company $84 to come out and turn my systm off and on to fix a 'fatal code' on a system that is just under two years old & cost almost $18,00..."
"They were prompt, courteous and answered my questions. "
"On time, finished work in smaller timeframe, cleaned up. Friendly and explained new thermostat and went over all functions of the furnace and AC unit. "
"Technician did a thorough system check."
"Jeffrey came to our home on an emergency call after dark because our A/C had quit cooling. He fixed the problem fast and it was cooling again. Very courteous and polite. "
"the guys were great and very helpful"
"Late in the afternoon our air conditioner stopped working. After calling Neal Harris, our technician arrived within about half an hour. He diagnosed the problem and wit..."
"very courteous and efficient"
"I am not sure John really checked anything on the indoor unit as it only took 10 minutes. Also he did not want to wash off outside unit. "it looks ok" even after I ins..."
"Did as good as expected"
"Efficient qualified individuals"
"10 rating because I received immediate attention for both DX of problem and INSTALL of a new air conditioner. "
"He was thorough, courteous, and considerate of our home."
"Technician was pleasant and seemed to do his job. "
"Ian took time to explain the status of our unit and provided me with helpful information about contacting a duct-cleaning company."
"**** was courteous, knowledgeable, and carefully described the cost/effectiveness of each heating and cooling system."
"I had to call when the appointed time passed. I was told the truck broke down. If I had not called, would I still be waiting? How rude!"
"I was called every day before the appointment which I thought was unnecessary."
"quick efficient and very clean"
"Carrington was very knowledgeable and did a great job."
"He came in, did his job and didn't waste any time."
"Responsible and courteous service personnel/installers. Especially Brian Lesemann."
"My problem was fixed"
"Knowledgeable and polite. Cleaned up after his work."
"The guys were great and identified the problem quickly. My only issue is that I had to call 90 minutes into my 2 hour appointment window to make sure someone was in rout..."
"Our new, installed in March, AC outdoor unit was not level. I told the original installers about leveling issues we had with our old heat pump unit. The service man cam..."
"Good presentation of the various purchase options with added information to weigh the value of the choice."
"technician seemed knowledgeable, worked quickly, arrived on time, explained findings regarding a/c system check. "
"3 guys were great. Professional and nice..had bad experiences with techs the last 2 years....Alphonso ...Josh....and Kyle helped elimanate some real bad feelings...if..."
"Water heater not fixed. Worked for a few days, ordered an additional part that was $85, placed on heater. Heater worked for a day and hasn't worked since. Have to buy ..."
"The technician was very helpful and considerate. Explained what he did and got it done efficiently."
"Andre is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He understands I want to know what is wrong with my AC and how it will be fixed and what I can expect going forward gi..."
"Don't feel the info I was given was accurate. Still waiting on call from service manager"
"I would feel better if he would tell me what he was doing and his findings during the check up"
"We had a blocked sewer drain and an ac tech was sent out after I'd been waiting up til 12:35am. We needed a plumber. The guy who came doesn't 45 minutes checking out our ..."
"Friendly helpful tech"
"Great company "
"The technicians were very courteous, informative, and neat."
"Courteous, efficient and professional. Did a great job."
"Overall, excellent work. Basement area should have been cleaned better (unfinished basement where A/C was hooked into furnace). There were many screws, portions of plasti..."
"Serviceman was very good at answering our questions and explined what work was being done on our unit"
"Techs worked quickly and professionally"
"Jonathan did a great job, he had a great attitude and explained things to me clearly. I felt like he had a passion for his work."
"The tech was very friendly, informative and professional. "
"Technician was very meticulous"
"He listened to my explanation of the problem,solved and corrected it."
"Quick, clean, efficient"
"I had been out of town for a week and got home about 3:30 and called. They came out at 8am the next morning."
"The technician managed to short out the thermostat which shut down the system. After quite a while, he finally asked for help. When the senior tech arrived, he found th..."
"Prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, clean, personable"
"As a plus member for 20yrs are service was still delayed and an approximate time was not given even 12hrs after we called. We were kept being told "We have a shorter sta..."
"Ron was GREAT at explaining everything that was needed to me in terms I understood. He was also very friendly, and even patient with my crazy dog. He is a huge asset for ..."
"He was very thorough and careful."
"Service was efficient good to have input on optional services"
"After pulling off the capacitor and telling me the unit locked up as well as multiple costs adding up to over $1,000 and unsure if that would resolve the issues or if I w..."
"Your service expected did not do his job"
"Excellent service personnel"
"The technician was punctual, friendly and informative."
"On time and very informative"
"He was efficient and completed the inspection w/o seeing any problems.He suggested a more efficient filter."
"The technician left the air filter out of my furnace. I realize it was dirty but would have preferred that they left it in until I was able to replace it. "
"Technician was friendly and efficient."
"Good job was done by tech."
"Very professional. Did the job thoroughly and efficient'y."
"Did not fully understand how to repair electric baffle. Failed to replace attic cover."
"Both technicians were on time, friendly, and helpful."
"Todd S. & Nathan M. showed up for the appointment as scheduled and got right to work. They were friendly and even took time to make friends with my dogs. They did a fine ..."
"Tech was the most knowledgeable and thorough we've had. "
"Very professional and efficient"
"The Technician was polite and explained to me what he found. I was very impressed that he told me about what my A/C needed regarding cleanliness as when he was here, my o..."
"Seemed efficient and did his job."
"Houston 'corrected' a mistake make by a technician earlier that day. His ability to diagnose and correct the 'problem' so quickly (and restore cooler air back to us) was..."
"Pierre was excellent!"
"The technician was prompt and knowledgeable. Got right to work and finished in a timely manner."
"They were polite, professional, and quick!"
"Ron did an excellent job. First one ever to take the covers off the outside AC unit to thoroughly clean the coils."
"The technician was very thorough in his inspection and provided good tips on how to adjust for humidity levels during the coming warm season. "
"not too pushy, but made a good suggestion"
"Were timely, actually listened to information that was provided, told me what he would be checking, and then explained what he found. Very respectful, personable, and pro..."
"He seemed to know what he was doing! I always ask for a senior employee to do our maintenance "
"Timely. Very helpful."
"She was thorough and explained in detail the work that she did."
"Aaron was professional, efficient and performed all tasks, unlike some former technicians I had to request that they perform all tasks."
"Once he arrived he was very efficient, didn't try to oversell other products, and gave me a good summary of what he found with our system."
"Very thorough "
"Technician was professional, efficient, and friendly. He also gave me information about the A/C unit that assured me of its likely longevity."
"Technician arrived on time, took care of the servicing in a timely manner and gave us a complete report on what they did -- and what they recommend that we do."
"Z receptive to my questions and to my leaning how to put in new furnace filter.Very helpful.Very knowledgeable "
"I was satisfied with the technician and his service. However, I am still waiting to have Neal Harris contact me regarding an issue I had when my new equipment was instal..."
"Very professional technitian and courteous"
"As soon as I explained the problem, Jeffrey knew exactly what was wrong and corrected it."
"Arrived on time, explained problem"
"Tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. Worked quickly and quietly and offered ideas about the dust problems we were having."
"did not clean out leaves from evaperator - have you stopped soing this?"
"Besides performing the regular air conditioner services, the tech turned off all the basement lights and locked the basement outside door. This is something previous tec..."
"She seemed very thorough and was more personable than the last time. However, I seem to have some trouble with scheduling.I am told they will come one day but the schedu..."
"Technician was on time, careful in working inside my home, and seemed to be quite competent."
"No comment."
"After three days of trouble shooting, the tech realizes that the unit was improperly wired during original installation. We are concerned with the longevity of the unit ..."
"Ryan was great"
"Pierre is awesome!"
"Courteous, went out of his way to ensure he answered any questions I had, neat."
"They were courteous, knowledgeable. were able to answer my questions. Explain ed how use my new thermostats, etc"
"Justin and Jason did an excellent job!"
"he was very professional."
"Aaron rented a smaller backhoe so my gate and fence did not need to be removed. All other companies said they needed to remove gate and fence for large equipment. Very pr..."
"prompt and courteous service"
"On time does good job"
"He worked quickly but thoroughly."
"Technician was good"
"Prompt and courteous service"
"Did a good an neat installation fo what is sometimes hard to do in an older house. "
"On time, tidy, polite and speedy."
"Tech worked diligently to repair our furnace problem. He called us back after each visit to check if the furnace was operating properly.. However, both my wife and I thou..."
"No issues"
"tech was knowledgeable and courteous, answered all my questions"
"The January service call was excellent, but I had to pay an extra service call and buy another filter to correct the problems from the October maintenance call. "
"Justin appears to be straight forward and honest."
"Austin was helpful and knowledgeable. All concerns were addressed."
"Left dirt filter by the furnace."
"The tech, Sam, was terrific. He personally worked to insure that he identified the root cause of the problem and took it upon himself to contact Lennox to troubleshoot un..."
"Technician on time, checked everything thoroughly, gave good safety & maintenance tips."
"The tech was very good and did a thorough job. The replacement air filter was way overpriced. I can buy a box of three filters for less."
"Way too expensive! We did not accept the service based on the price quoted."
"We had a contract to provide preferred home service on an emergency basis if our furnace ever was not working. I called during the day on the night temperatures went down..."
"Very unprofessional behavior. The tech told me that the humidifier didn't work. I asked what was wrong with it and he said he didn't know. Then, I said, "well, isn't that..."
"Fine service. Would have given you a "10" but the technician arrived in the hour following your scheduled 2 hour window. During the summer, the technician did not arriv..."
"Please call me. "
"Todd and Justin arrived on time. The were clean. They did the instillation in a timely manner. And we like the new unit."
"Very professional and friendly"
"Corey is the best at what he does. We always ask for him. However, the home office should have contacted us that he would be 2 hours late!"
"great service"
"Tech was thorough, seemed to do complete inspection."
"The tech told me more than i needed to know about the airplane he is building and about all the famous people he knows and told me little about the HVAC unit I have and w..."
"easy to set up appointment, courteous phone calls from the office, courteous and efficient service personnel"
"Pierre is an outstanding individual and know his business"
"Ryan did a great job of answering questions and explaining what could be done and could not be done and the best way to proceed, which made my decisions easy."
"The serviceman was very polite and checked everything."
"NH has always been dependable."
"Courteous and professional"